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          1. TALENT CONCEPT


            TALENT CONCEPT


            Common development is a long-standing principle of green new material. We promise to provide excellent working environment and high-quality growth and development platform for every employee. We believe that fresh blood infused with vitality and ideas will make the heart of green new material beat more powerful. We are looking forward to the participation of all people with lofty ideals. Green new material will become more exciting because of you

            Welcome to join us

            The following is the latest recruitment position of the company. Please send your resume directly to: tangchaoqun@www.weigee.com, with the title of "name + position" 

            Recruitment position: 1 for group customer maintenance

            specific requirement

            1. Steadfast, sincere and pursuing excellence;

            2. Strong communication ability and sense of collective honor;

            3. Have a certain professional quality, have a clear plan and pursuit
            of their own career, strong pressure resistance;

            4. Relevant working experience is preferred.

            Recruitment position: 2 investment promotion specialists

            specific requirement

            1. More than one year experience in investment promotion
            and management;

            2. Experience in sales of engineering building materials and
            concrete admixtures is preferred;